Our speciality / Erikoisalueemme

Me tarjoamme kotimaista ja kansainvälistä taustatutkimuspalveluja ja selvityksiä asiakkaillemme yrityksille, yhteisöille, elokuvantekijöille ja eri alojen ammattilaisille.

We offer in-depth domestic and international investigation to our clients. We do it in collaboration with network of dedicated journalists, filmmakers, researchers, academics, officials and various other professionals.

Surprisingly often crucial information for exposing major wrongdoings is already easily available from media or public record offices for anyone to read and see, but often you need an outsider to realize it, someone who knows how to find it and has time to connect the dots. Sometimes finding key evidence for a journalistic exposure requires detective work and confidential leaks. We are prepared to go out and look for them.